The Fashioner Free Sewing Pattern Drafting

The Fashioner is a free sewing pattern program within Patternmaker Pro that runs in your browser and gives you the ability to draft patterns from scratch or modify any of the patterns available in the Fashioner Catalog.

The Fashioner functionality has only been available in software costing thousands of dollars and available only to professionals in the industry, until now. Fashion designers and pattern makers will appreciate how easy it is to use to create truly original designs.


  • Free Patterns for Everyone - Home, School, Business
  • Draft from scratch or start with any pattern in the Fashioner Catalog
  • Output PNG Files for use in 3D programs.
  • Output PDF files for sewing in the real world.
  • Nothing to Download - Browser Based
  • Detailed Manual
  • Sell or Share All Patterns

Pattern Drafting in the Fashioner