This is a standard pants sloper set. Sew this set to verify the measurement of the model. Once this drafts to the desired fit, you can be confident in the measurements for all other pants patterns.

These are not intended as wearables, although you can adjust the crotch depth and extension, hip and waist. There are no extensions for buttons or other closures.


Time Period:
Very Easy
Adult XY

Required Measurements

  • Ankle Height
  • Blade Apex Width Back
  • Crotch Depth
  • Crotch Length
  • Height
  • Hip Depth Back
  • Hip Depth Front
  • Hip Depth Side
  • Hip Width Back
  • Hip Width Front
  • Knee Circumference
  • Knee Height
  • Side Leg Length
  • Waist Width Back
  • Waist Width Front