This is a traditional basic sloper set for an adult model with bust. There is no ease added by default, nor any other adjustments. It is drafted precisely to a model's measurement set.

This garment is not intended to be worn. It is well suited for testing the measurements taken for a model. Use this set for fitting and fine tuning the measurement set. Once this fits well, all other patterns that contain a bodice and/or sleeve should draft error free.

There are no extensions for buttons or other closures.

There is a waist bust dart in the front. In the back, a shoulder dart will be added if determined to be necessary.


Time Period:
Very Easy
Adult X

Required Measurements

  • Bicep Circumference
  • Blade Apex Width Back
  • Blade Height Back
  • Bust / Chest Height Front
  • Bust / Chest Width Back
  • Bust / Chest Width Front
  • Bust Apex Width Front
  • Center Length Back
  • Center Length Front
  • Elbow Circumference
  • Elbow to Wrist Length
  • Full Length Back
  • Full Length Front
  • Height
  • Mid-Armhole Height Back
  • Mid-Armhole Height Front
  • Mid-Armhole Width Back
  • Mid-Armhole Width Front
  • Neck Back
  • Neck Front
  • Shoulder Across Back
  • Shoulder Across Front
  • Shoulder Length
  • Shoulder Slope Back
  • Shoulder Slope Front
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Back
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Front
  • Side Length
  • Underarm Length
  • Waist Width Back
  • Waist Width Front
  • Wrist Circumference