This is a traditional basic sloper set for an adult model without breasts. By default, there is no ease and it is drafted precisely to a model's measurement set.

This garment is not intended to be worn and is well suited to testing model measurement sets. Use this set for fitting and fine tuning. Once this fits well, all other patterns that contain a bodice and/or standard sleeve should draft error free.

There are no extensions for buttons or other closures.


Time Period:
Very Easy
Adult Y

Required Measurements

  • Bicep Circumference
  • Blade Apex Width Back
  • Blade Height Back
  • Bust / Chest Width Back
  • Bust / Chest Width Front
  • Center Length Back
  • Center Length Front
  • Elbow Circumference
  • Elbow to Wrist Length
  • Full Length Back
  • Full Length Front
  • Height
  • Mid-Armhole Height Back
  • Mid-Armhole Height Front
  • Mid-Armhole Width Back
  • Mid-Armhole Width Front
  • Neck Back
  • Neck Front
  • Shoulder Across Back
  • Shoulder Across Front
  • Shoulder Length
  • Shoulder Slope Back
  • Shoulder Slope Front
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Back
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Front
  • Side Length
  • Underarm Length
  • Waist Width Back
  • Waist Width Front
  • Wrist Circumference