This is a free styled flat collar pattern with a pointed collar tip. The tip is extended 1 3/8" / 35mm more than the collar width exaggerating the point. The center back of the collar is dropped down 3" / 76mm beyond the collar width and squared off. The collar is designed to meet at center front.

It has a 1.5" / 38mm shoulder overlap, which equates to approximately 1/3" / 8mm rise. The width of the collar is 2" / 51mm by default. The collar center front point is lowered 1/2" / 13mm from the bodice center front point.

The pattern includes a dashed line for cutting the under-collar, which is 1/8" / 3mm narrower than the collar at the center back and tapering to 0.


Time Period:

• Basic measurements • Detailed measurements

Required Measurements

  • Across Back
  • Armhole Length
  • Center Back to Waist
  • Chest / Bust
  • Height
  • Neck
  • Waist to Hip