Color and patterns are incorporated into fabrics by dyeing or by printing. 

Dyeing Stages

Dyeing can be done during various stages of production.

Pre-Fiber Dyeing - prior to extruding the fiber

Fiber Dyeing - fiber is dyed before it is made into yarn

Yarn Dyeing - yarns are dyed after they are made

Fabric Dyeing - fabric is dyed after it has been woven/knitted

Printing Methods

Printing takes place only after the fabric has been woven/knitted. There are several methods to print on fabric.

Screen-Printing - each color is printed separately

Roller Printing - etched metal rollers are used and each color is printed separately

Inkjet / Digital Printing - prints directly on the fabric with only one pass

Heat-Transfer Printing - images are printed on special paper and transferred to the fabric