The Match Curve tool will adjust the length and shape of one curve to exactly match another curve.

One end of the adjusted curve will stay in place (the anchor) and the other end will adjust in length, if necessary.

Note that both curves need to have the same number of curve points for this to work properly. If the curves are not similar, this tool may not work as expected.

Select the curve that you want to match. This is referred to as the Parent.

Next, select the curve that will be changed. This is referred to as the Child.

Anchor points do not move during adjustments. You need to determine which end point of your Child curve will be anchored in place and which end will move.

Now determine which point on your Parent curve corresponds to the anchor point on the Child curve.

The list contains the start and end points of the Parent curve. Choose the anchor point.

Next, choose the anchor point for the Child curve.

The Child curve will be resized and shaped to match the Parent curve.