One of the fundamental actions of the slash and spread process is moving a dart from one location to another.

Although you can use the Slash & Spread tool to accomplish this, the dart markings will be destroyed. The Move Dart tool assists you in moving some or all of a dart to a new location without destroying the darts.

Note that curves sitting between the old and new dart locations will not retain their shape. Turn all of these curves to polylines with the Curve to Line tool.

In this example, we are going to move a waist dart up to the shoulder on an adult bodice sloper.

Select the Dart

When darts are created during the Patternmaker Pro draft, they are marked as such. This allows you to select them easily.

Select the dart you want to move from the drop-down list.

Percentage to Close

You have the option of moving the entire dart to a new location, or just part of it. Set the Percentage to Close to 100 if you want the selected dart removed and relocated. Set the percentage to something lower, if you want it to remain with a smaller spread.


This value is a percentage, not a spread value. In other slash and spread tools, you enter a specific value to spread. In this case, you will be assigning a percentage of the selected dart's spread. This way, you don't have to know what the actual spread number is.

Slash Point

Next, you need to select all the points involved in the process. Select the slash point first, then continue selecting points up to and including the first leg of the existing dart.

This "block" of points will all be rotated. If there is a curve within the block, make sure to select all the curve points or the curve will distort on rotation.


The slash and block points are still selected in the image so you can see the result of the process. The dart was closed by 50% and the other 50% was transferred to a new dart located at the shoulder. 


This is the final pattern with 50% moved to the shoulder. The new dart is registered within the program so you can manipulate it, just like any other.

Here is the same pattern with 100% moved to the shoulder. The original dart was closed and removed.