One fun design option with darts is to split them into several smaller darts. This creates what is known as a dart cluster. Learn more about Darts and Tucks and dart clusters.

Rather than using the Move Dart tool multiple times, the Move Dart to Multiple tool makes it much easier.

Note that curves sitting between the old and new dart locations will not retain their shape. Turn all of these curves to polylines with the Curve to Line tool.

In this example, we will completely close a waist dart and move it to a cluster of three darts on the side.

Select the Dart

All darts created by the program are listed. Select the dart you want to work with from the drop-down list.

Percentage to Close

You can move the entire dart to the new darts, or just part of it. Set the Percentage to Close to 100, if you want the selected dart removed. Set the percentage lower, if you want the dart to remain with a smaller spread.


This value is a percentage, not a spread value.  In other slash and spread tools, you enter a specific value to spread. In this case, you will be assigning a percentage of the selected dart's spread. This way, you don't have to know what the actual spread number is.

Slash Points

Select the slash points for the new darts. Select the point furthest away from the existing dart first.

Points to Move

You need to select all the points in the "block" that will rotate. This includes all the points following the last slash point up to and including the first leg of the dart that is closing.


Here is the result of the process. Since we entered 100% on the Percentage to Close, the original dart is completely gone. All the spread was divided among the three new darts.


Here is the final pattern. Note that new darts created with the Move Dart to Multiple are not registered darts. They can no longer be selected as darts and manipulated further.