The Buttons process allows you to add buttons and buttonholes to your patterns.

To begin, select a line for the buttons. This will typically be a vertical line, such as center front. The buttons will be centered on this line.

Next, you will be asked to select the point on the line at the collar. Both points of the selected line will be shown.

Where is the top of the row of buttons? On a shirt it would be close to the collar, on a skirt it is the waist.

The next input asks for the size of the buttons you will be using.

When you are putting buttons on a shirt, it is common to start the buttons a short distance from the top. This is the Distance to Collar value.

You can set your button spacing by entering the Number of Buttons or the Distance Between buttons. 

Your button placement is now complete. You can Save and close the tool or you can Save & Create Buttonholes.


If you decide to create the matching buttonholes, the program will remember all the data from the buttons. This is a huge time saver.

Select a line for the buttonholes.

Now you need to select the point at the collar. This will be a point that corresponds to the point you chose for the buttons.

The program will asked for the size of your buttonholes. It will show you the size you entered for the buttons and add a small value for the buttonholes by default.

Your buttonhole size will depend on the type of button and the room it needs for insertion.

You typically sew all your buttons in a straight line falling at the center of all buttonholes. However, there are times when you want the buttonhole placed so the button is at the right or left edge. With the Lock box checked, use a slider or enter a value in any box to update all the buttonholes.

Also, there are cases when you might want the first and last buttonholes to be placed differently than the rest. Uncheck the Lock box to make these specific changes.

The next option is the angle of the buttonholes. You can change the angle of all of them by moving a slider or entering a value in any of the boxes with the Lock box checked.

If you want to make individual changes, uncheck the Lock box.

Now your buttons and buttonholes are complete and perfectly aligned to each other.