This tool allows you to make a pocket pattern. The pocket pattern consists of four corners and an optional center bottom point drop. These are all connected with lines. The entire pocket is a set that can be moved together.

You can create a pocket placement outline for the associated garment pattern automatically. This guideline is a set of its own and all the points are linked back to the pocket pattern. Any changes to that pattern will change the guideline.

Select a blank area on the canvas to draw the pocket.

Enter how Wide and Long you want the pocket to be. You can also shape the pocket by adding a Center Drop.

Select Continue and the pocket will be drawn. You can exit and keep the pocket pattern by selecting Save.

You can continue for placement of the outline by selecting Save & Create Placement.

The program will ask you to select a place on a pattern for the outline to be drawn. Note that the point you create will be the top left of the pocket.

The pocket outline will be placed on the pattern at the point you indicated.

Notice that the pocket and pocket outline points are now gradient, which indicates that they are linked. If you move a point on either the pocket or the outline, the other will also adjust.