The Multiple Slash and Spread technique is very similiar to the regular Slash and Spread, but this tool allows to to add fullness at multiple points across a wider area.

Note that you can’t select curve pts to move during this process. If you have curves within the area to be moved, use the Curve to Line tool to change them to lines prior to using this process.

Using the Tool

Select the Slash Points

The slash points should be in a row. Don't select any points between them in this process. Any that exist will remain in their current position.

Select Block & Pivot

You want to select the points within the "block" that will rotate located after the slash points. Select the pivot point last.

Spread Value

Enter the amount of spread that you want. The program will spread at the first slash, moving all following slash points. Then it will spread at the second slash, moving all following slash points and so on. This will result in the actuall spread value being -

Spread value X Number of Slash Points

In this example that had a 50mm spread, the actual spread will be 150mm.