The Slash and Spread technique is a common method of altering patterns. It allows you to add fullness anywhere on the pattern. You can also use it to move fullness from one area to another.

Note that you can’t select curve pts to move during this process. If you have curves within the area to be moved, use the Curve to Line tool to change them to lines prior to using this process.

Using the Tool

Select Points

It is very important that you select the points in a specific order. You are outlining the "block" that will rotate with the slash point first and the pivot last.

  1. Slash Point
  2. All points between the slash and the pivot.
  3. Pivot Point

Spread Value

Enter the amount of spread that you want. This is the distance between where the current slash point is and where you want it to be after rotation.


The image below shows all the points and how the rotation was done.


This is how the pattern looks after saving. This sleeve pattern has add additional fullness at the back in the elbow area.