This tool is used to add text to your patterns. You define the location by selecting two existing points. The center of the text will be located at the center of the points. The text will be created following the vector of the two points.

Note that text should be added as a final step in your pattern creation.

Select two points for text placement.

The order of the point selection will make a difference. Generally, selecting the left-most point followed by the right-most will place the text upright. If you select the opposite, right then left, the text will turn upside down.

Text Options

Number of Lines

Your text entry can have more than one line. Use the Number of Lines box to enter the amount you want. Each line will have an input box numbered Line 1, Line 2, etc.

Font Size

You can adjust the value of the font size using the slider or entering a value in the box.

Other Side

Your text will be located on one side of the selected points. If you want it on the other, select the Other Side button.