This tool allows you to view all the details of each SVG object in the Fashioner.

Select any item to begin.

Select Show to see the SVG properties.

You can stay within the tool and select another item and hit Show to see it's properties.

Although this may seem confusing at first, you'll find a lot of useful information here.

  • The selected item in this case is a point.
  • It's location on the canvas is X = ~817 and Y = ~607 (cx and cy values).
  • The id is wrist_bk_p_35.
  • It is located on the pattern_35_draft layer.
  • It is attached to three lines: hem_line_35, sleeve_bk_35, hem_bk_35.
  • It is also attached to one curve: wrist_curve_35

Sometimes you may find this information useful.

Note that any values you find within these properties will be in millimeters, regardless of the units that you are working in.