Patternmaker Pro will show a dialog box, if an error is encountered while drafting. These messages can help to determine what the problem may be. These errors are usually caused by an error in your measurements. However, there may be a problem with the draft.

The first thing you need to do to eliminate a system error is to try the pattern with one of the sets in the Library. Patterns have been tested, but sometimes things are missed. If you continue to get the error using one of the sets in the Library, you should contact us immediately.

If the library set drafts fine, then there is an issue with your measurements. This doesn't always mean that you've made a mistake. It is possible that your body structure has revealed a flaw in our system. Make sure that you've not made a mistake with your measurements and if the problem persists, please contact us.

Intersection Errors

Intersection errors will result in the message above. The most common is the Shoulder Slope intersection error. When drafting, the program will often look for the intersection between two entities to determine a specific point. The shoulder point is a perfect example.

The system draws a vertical reference line using half the shoulder across measurement measured out from the center. These reference lines are the length of your full length measurement.

Your shoulder point is found by measuring from the center waist point a distance equal to the shoulder slope measurement falling on the shoulder across reference line. This is done by drawing a circle with a radius that equals the shoulder slope measurement. If the circle falls outside the shoulder reference line, then it will not intersect and the program will error. There are three measurements that could cause this problem. They are the shoulder slope, full length and shoulder across measurements. 

This method of using circles to find intersections is very common. If the circle doesn't intersect, you'll see a dialog like the one above.  The errors will contain information that will help you to find the problem area.