When you select the Garment Details button in the Garment Catalog, Patternmaker Pro will open an information page on the garment/pattern.


The name of the garment/pattern is displayed in the upper right corner.

Measurement Set List

To add your first item to your basket, you will need to select a Measurement Set first. The list will display all of the measurement sets that you have created in your account. If you haven't created the set you want to use for the selected garment, choose Create New at the bottom of the list. This will allow you to create a set on the fly and return back to this page when you are done.


You'll see an image carousel and a larger image. Mouse over any image in the carousel to view it or click it to enlarge. You'll see the patterns drafted for the garment with all drafting details. This can give you some idea of the complexity. There will also be images of the completed garment.


The description will contain information regarding the entire garment. Under this you'll find a listing for each pattern that is part of the garment. These details pertain to each pattern and give you more insights on the garment.

Garment Specs

Time Period

The Time Period will allow you to make period specific garments for theater or re-enactments. This is when the garment was popular or first worn.

We use some very old drafts from books in the 1800's or early 1900's, in those cases we will have a good time frame to offer you. Sometimes, we'll have to guess based on our research. 

If this states Modern, that means that is either a current style or timeless (such as a sloper). 


The garment Difficulty will specify how hard the garment is to construct. There are four options:

  • Very Easy - basic and suitable for beginners
  • Easy - not difficult, but more complex
  • Average - not suitable for an absolute beginner
  • Advanced - techniques are more difficult and a better understanding is required.


Garments are assigned a category based on the patterns that are included. Learn more about Pattern Sizing.

Required Measurements

At the bottom is a list of measurements that are required to draft this pattern/garment. These measurements may be in the Basic measurement list, the Detailed measurement list or a combination of both.