You can cut out your patterns using scissors or a rotary cutter. Your ultimate goal is to keep the pattern as flat as possible to the table. Lifting distorts the placement and causes problems.

Rotary cutters on a cutting mat allows you to keep the pattern flat as you cut. This also allows you to use pattern weights, instead of pins, and makes cutting out your patterns much faster.

If you use scissors, try to keep the pattern as low as possible when you have to pick it up. Also, walk around your table as you cut rather than trying to spin the pattern and fabric.

When using pins, pin the patterns within the seam allowance. You can ruin some fabrics that will retain marks or create holes from pinning.

If you are working with knits, you may want to purchase rounded pins sold solely for this purpose. The aren't sharp at the point like ordinary pins, which could split the yarn fibers. The rounded head will insert between the fibers resulting in less damage.