Patternmaker Pro is a made-to-measure system. Many of you may be used to buying patterns at the fabric store that are sized like clothes you buy at a retail clothing store. That sizing process is called ready-to-wear or factory-made.

The process goes like this. The fashion designer will dictate the look of the garment and the patternmaker will create one pattern of a certain size. That pattern is then used to create all the different sizes using a system called grading.

This is the most common way to make patterns and clothing. It is all based on a standard set of sizes. This can result in really bad fit for those of us who aren’t “standard”.

Personally, I can’t wear clothes from a store or use stock patterns. They fit horribly and are uncomfortable to wear. My body measurements don’t match up with the norms that manufacturers use.

This is true for many people and that’s why I created Patternmaker Pro. This system is a made-to-measure system. Patterns are drafted using one set of measurements for one person.

Garments made this way will fit better than you can imagine. They will look great and wear comfortably.