A Patternmaker Pro Garment is a set of patterns intended to be sewn into one garment. You can sewn these in the real world by downloading a PDF and printing it, or you can download a PNG for virtual sewing in Marvelous Designer.

A garment may be one selection from the catalog, like a complete bodice sloper with sleeves, or it may be a series of choices. The catalog will walk you through all the available options at each step of your selection.

For a full explanation of each of these steps, review the Patternmaker Pro Garments chapter.

  1. To begin, select Garments off the Patternmaker Pro menu bar at the top of the page. This will open the garment catalog
  2. Selecting an item opens the garment information page.
  3. The first item for a garment requires that you choose a Measurement Set.
  4. Add the item to the Basket.
  5. If there are other items that will work with what you have in the basket, the catalog will display them. You may add more patterns.
  6. When there are no more compatible patterns, the basket will open automatically for output. You can also stop selecting patterns at any time and select Draft & Output in the basket list shown at the upper left of the catalog page.
  7. The system will show you all the Variables available for these garments. Leave the defaults or change any you wish. Click the Output button to proceed.
  8. This will provide you a list of all the patterns in this garment. You can download them individually as PDF and/or PNG. 

Once you've created a garment, your choices are saved to your account. You can reopen that garment with the same variables and measurement set from the My Garments tab of your account.

Pattern Dependencies

In order for seams to match up between patterns, some patterns will depend on the measurements of other patterns. For example, a collar may get its length dimensions from the neck front and neck back of bodice patterns. The patterns are programmed so that the front and back patterns are created first, then the necklines are measured and passed to the collar pattern for drafting.

If you draft the collar all by itself, without a bodice in the basket, then it will just use the neck measurements from the measurement set. It will still draft, but it won't be drafted specifically to fit any bodice neckline. The same thing goes for sleeves and other dependent patterns.

If you want a collar, sleeve or other dependent pattern to match at the seamlines, make sure to include the bodice in the basket so it can be drafted first