Ironing is not optional when you are sewing. It is a very important part of the process. All you really need is an iron and a heat-proof place to do it. Everything else is optional.

Steam Iron – Any iron will do, but it is necessary. Steam can be handy.

Ironing Board – A standard folding or tabletop ironing board will work. The board will usually come with a cover. Use caution with coated covers, teflon or aluminum. They can cause greater heat build up on the fabric and scorch easier.

Tailor's Ham –  Used to press curved seams and darts.

Make your own ham video and more on Fearless Makers.

Sleeve Board – Miniature ironing board used to press sleeves and other hard to reach areas.

Make your own sleeve board on Fearless Makers.

Pressing Cloth – Scorch resistant fabric placed wet or dry over project fabric to protect it.

Sleeve/Seam Roll – Long narrow form for pressing sleeves and other hard to reach areas.

Point Presser /Clapper – Used for turning collar and cuff seams.

Velvet Board / Needle Board – Used to prevent crushing of velvet, corduroy and other napped, high-pile fabrics. Little pins hold the fabric nap up off the ironing board.

Spray Starch - Use to starch fabric and open up seams during project construction.