Straight pins are used to hold patterns to fabric for cutting or holding two or more pieces of fabric for sewing.

Straight Pins - Sharps – Sewing pins with a straight body that is slightly flexible. There are many different types of heads: Glass head, plastic ball, flat in shapes, etc.

Safety Pins – Standard safety pins for turning items and threading tubes.

Straight Pins – Ball Point – Similar to sharps, but point is rounded to prevent piercing of knit fabrics.

Dressmaker's Pins – Straight pins with a small metal head formed in the pin. These come in sharps and ball point.

T-Pins – Used for blocking knits, macrame, lace making and heavy duty applications.

Pin Holders

Using pins out of a plastic container is not ideal. You may want to consider some of these options.

Magnetic Pin Cushion – Plastic item with slight bowl indentation that is magnetic.

Wrist Cushion – Filled or magnetic cushion that you wear on your wrist.

Traditional Pin Cushion – Item with soft filling for holding pin and needles. This is easy to make yourself.


Pattern weights are another alternative to pins. You can use the weights to hold the pattern to the fabric when cutting them out. A rotary cutter works very well with this technique. 

These are easy to make yourself, just Google it!


Clips are another alternative to pins. They work very well for home dec projects where the fabric is much thicker.