Body Type

It is very important that you understand your body shape and make your pattern choices based on your type. This is the easiest way to look your best at all times. Any body type can look good and I'll show you how.

Your type is primarily dependent on two things; your bone structure and your fat placement. Whatever your body tends to do, is likely consistent throughout your life. Personally, I'm a rectangle. I was a rectangle at 148 pounds and at 104 pounds. It really made no difference. My waist is not well defined, I have broad shoulders and narrow hips.

Types aren't necessarily dependent on weight. There are hourglass figures that are not thin. There are also triangles that are very thin.


  •  Your shoulders and torso are smaller than the width of your hips.
  •  You likely carry weight in your hips and possibly your thighs.

Inverted triangle

  •  You have broad shoulders an average waist and small hips and thighs.
  •  You carry your weight in your upper torso and back.


  •  Your shoulders are the same width or wider than your hips and you have little waist definition.
  •  You carry your weight at the waist and may have a broad chest or shoulders.


  •  Your shoulders and hips are basically the same width and your waist is well defined.
  •  Your weight distribution is proportionate throughout your body.


  •  Your shoulders and hips have less width than your waist.
  •  You carry weight in your waist.


  •  Your shoulders are more rounded and they are about the same as your hips.
  •  You have a very full torso, because this is where you carry all your weight.

This should provide you with enough detail to determine your type. You'll want to make note of it because each type has special challenges that we will overcome with the proper lines and design.


Another thing that is almost as important as your type, is your proportions. If you divided your body in four equal segments, where do your hips lie?

A balanced body has chest, hips and knees at each division.

If you are long waisted, your hips are below the third line. You have a long torso and shorter legs.

If you are short waisted, your hips are above the third line. You have a short torso and longer legs.

Your body balance will play into your fashion choices, too. Luckily, there are tricks that you can use to give the illusion of complete balance.