The worst thing you can do is wear clothing that doesn't fit properly. If you're overweight, putting on an over-sized piece of clothing isn't going to hide it, it will just make you look bigger. By the same token, stuffing a size 10 into a size 6 isn't fooling anyone.

You have to also consider what these choices do to you on a psychological level. For one thing, you're likely to be very uncomfortable if your clothes don't fit and that would make anyone cranky. Also, your self-confidence will suffer because you're basically denying who you are. Come to terms with your body and you'll be a happier healthier person.

This first set of tell tale signs that your clothes don't fit includes things that happen when your clothes are too small. Muffin top is a common occurrence. These are not only unattractive, they can be downright unhealthy. If you can't comfortably breath deeply, you'll start to limit your breath intake. Less oxygen has lots of health consequences, not to mention being grumpy because you're uncomfortable all day.

  • tight waistband
  • tight sleeves
  • puckering top buttons
  • smiling crotch
  • gaping buttons/zippers
  • stretchy tops too stretched
  • skirts curved under buttocks

This second set includes things that happen when your clothes are too large. I'm all for re-purposing finds from Goodwill or second hand stores, but you've got to make sure they fit. Make some alterations and they'll look like they were made for you and not the person that had them before.

  • uneven or worn hems
  • over-sized armholes
  • Shoulder seams or straps that fall off shoulder
  • drooping necklines
  • over-sized top layer
  • sleeves that are too long
  • drooping crotch

You'll note there is a distinct difference between a fashion style and a poor fit. There are lots of tops that have off-the-shoulder designs and worn jeans are the bomb. However, you can have these design options and still have a fantastic garment fit.