Measurement sets are the most important component to Patternmaker Pro. The drafting process requires measurements in order to work at all.

In order to achieve fit, you have to have an accurate set of measurements to start with. Measuring any three dimensional form has it's own set of challenges and the human body is no exception. Even though it's not easy, accurate measurements are important and worth the investment of time.

Too Many Measurements?

When you first see the list of measurements used by the system, it will seem very overwhelming. Don't worry, you don't need all of these measurements. The measurement set includes every measurement used by every pattern in the system.

All the pattern drafts are based on different sources. The drafting process varies a great deal between patternmakers and origination date. Some of these patterns are based on drafts going back to the 1800's. Methods definitely change over time along with fashion and drafting precision. In order to include such a variety of patterns, we had to include some different types of measurements.

What Measurements Are Required?

Patternmaker Pro patterns all require some measurements. For example, height is required on every single draft. Simple patterns require the least amount and a conforming adult pattern with a bust will require the most. 

If you are strapped for time and you just want to do one pattern quickly, Patternmaker Pro will tell you what measurements are required. Select a pattern/garment in the catalog and the system will show you the list of measurements needed for drafting.

If you missed a required measurement, don't worry. Patternmaker Pro will compare the pattern measurement requirements with measurements existing in the set. If any are missing, they will be displayed. 

A new Edit button will appear at the top of the missing measurement list. Select this button and the program will take you to the measurement set list allowing you to fill in those missing measurements.

Simplify the Process

It can take a bit of time to take accurate measurements. I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but I'm going to make it as easy as possible for you to do.

With only a few supplies and a little time, you can get all the measurements you need for reference. The first time through it may seem confusing, but you'll quickly get the hang of it. 

There are a couple resources that I've created to help you. First, your Patternmaker Pro account has a place for you to enter all the measurements. Each one has a description and an image to help you. 

Secondly, the rest of this chapter explains everything you need to know. Using these resources, you'll have no problems at all.