Before you measure your doll, check the Library. I've measured several dolls already that might match yours. Images of the dolls are on the Measurement Set Library manual page for comparison.

Measuring dolls can be very tedious. They are so small that measuring tapes really don’t work well. I’ve developed my own techniques to make this process simpler.

First, let’s add the doll to your account. Log in to Patternmaker Pro and select the Measurement Sets tab. Click the plus icon to add a new set. Enter a name for the doll and then choose the unit of measure you prefer. Select Create Set & Enter Measurements.

There are two different sets of measurements in Patternmaker Pro. One set is Basic and the other is Advanced. Patterns list the measurements they require in their catalog description. You may want to enter all the Basic measurements and then add any Advanced measurements as you need them.

Place your cursor in any box and you’ll see an image and description for each measurement. Now you’re ready to measure.

To begin, you need to establish the important points on the doll. These points are used numerous times so you want to make sure you always measure from the same place. I found that using rubber bands worked well for the bust, waist, low waist and hips. Place a rubber band on each level of the doll. Make sure it is snug.

Next, you’ll want to find the back cervix point, front neck point and side neck point. You can use a pencil to make a mark, if you wish.

As I mentioned before, a regular measuring tape doesn’t work well. I’ve found that strips of paper work best. You can wrap the paper around for circumference measurements or pull it straight for length measurements.

To make this process easier, I’ve made a couple PDF files with the measurement name and instructions in a format that can be cut into strips.

All you need to do is use one end of the strip as the beginning and then mark where the measurement goes. I always use the end with the name as the beginning end. Wrap it around the body and make a mark where the end touches the strip.

Set that strip aside and move on with the next one. If you need more information on the measurement, select the measurement in Patternmaker Pro and look at the instructions. If you need to measure something longer than your paper, use a ruler or measuring tape as needed.

The neck is really hard to do with paper. Find a string or thread and use that. Hold the string so it sits at the back cervix and wraps down in front at the collarbone. Take a pen and mark both pieces where they cross.