This is a free front trouser sloper pattern for adults with the X build. This uses the natural waistline. If a waistband depth value is added, the draft will lower so that the top of the waistband would sit at the natural waist level.

There is no ease in this draft and you'll need to add hip ease and waist ease. Although the full ease values will be added, waist and hip ease is not added equally to the front and back patterns. Waist ease is 33% to the front and 67% to the back. Hip is is 25% to the front and 75% to the back.

The pattern includes a waist dart that is 4" / 10cm long and 3/4" / 2cm wide.

The circumference of the pant leg at the hem will be calculated using two times the ankle circumference, if a pant leg circumference is not entered.


Time Period:
Adult X

• Basic measurements • Detailed measurements

Required Measurements

  • Ankle
  • Crotch Rise
  • Height
  • Hip
  • Inseam
  • Waist - Natural
  • Waist to Hip