This is a free one-piece pants pattern for children. It can be made of woven or knit fabrics. The one-piece design eliminates the side seam making it a great choice for weather proofing or difficult to sew materials.

This pattern uses the natural waistline. If you want the pants to sit lower, add a waistline drop value.

This pattern includes the Pick-A-Length feature that allows you to choose the length of the pants. The length ranges from floor length to short-shorts. Visit the pants page in the manual to learn more.

The pant hemline circumference variable applies to the measurement on full-length pants, not the hemline of pants that have been shortened. 

This pattern is drafted using the hip measurement only. There is generous hip ease added by default.

You can relax the fit further by adding Crotch Depth Ease or additional length to the back and front crotch extensions using variables. Visit the variables page in the manual to learn more about these options.


Time Period:
Very Easy
Adult Y

• Basic measurements • Detailed measurements

Required Measurements

  • Crotch Rise
  • Height
  • Hip
  • Inseam