This is a free back pants pattern for use with a fly and side pocket for children with the X body type. It includes a zippered front fly and side seam pockets. This uses the low waist position and circumference. You can drop the waistline further using the waistline drop variable.

The width of the waistband is 1”/25.4mm by default. You can change this using the waistband depth variable.

There is hip ease and waist ease added by default, which you can change. The ease values are not added equally to the front and back patterns. A formula is used depending on height.

The back pattern includes a waist dart. The size of the dart will depend on the height measurement.

The circumference of the pant leg at the hem will be calculated at two times the ankle circumference, if a pant leg circumference is not entered. The pants include a 1”/25.4mm hem.


Time Period:

• Basic measurements • Detailed measurements

Required Measurements

  • Ankle
  • Crotch Rise
  • Height
  • Hip
  • Inseam
  • Waist - Low
  • Waist to Hip
  • Waist to Low Waist