This sloper is based on the basic #3 bust dart front sloper. The bust dart located at the waist has been closed by 50% and that excess has been moved to a shoulder dart.

This pattern is a good basis for development of patterns without darts. The pattern can be split in two and the dart take-up ignored.

This is intended for use as a fitting sloper, so there are no ease amounts added by default. The default seam allowance is generous. This is drafted to be sewn with a center front seam for fitting purposes.


Adult X

Required Measurements

  • Bust / Chest Height Front
  • Bust / Chest Width Front
  • Bust Apex Width Front
  • Center Length Front
  • Full Length Front
  • Height
  • Mid-Armhole Height Front
  • Mid-Armhole Width Front
  • Neck Front
  • Shoulder Across Front
  • Shoulder Length
  • Shoulder Slope Front
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Front
  • Side Length
  • Waist Width Front