This is a free buttoned sleeve cuff pattern. The Band Circumference value can come from one of three sources. If this is part of a garment, the other patterns may pass the needed value. If not, the pattern will default to using the Wrist measurement plus Wrist Ease. Otherwise, you can manually enter the value as the Band Circumference variable.  In any case, the closed cuff will equal this value.

The draft will use the Button Size to determine the extension needed. The center of the button and the buttonhole bind position will be placed one Button Size from the cuff ends.

If an Extension Width value is provided, it will be used as the extension from the buttonhole bind position. The closed cuff will be the same circumference, but the extension will be the Extension Width.

An additional 1/8" / 3mm will be added as default to calculate the buttonhole size. Reduce for small children and infants.


Time Period:
Adult XY

• Basic measurements • Detailed measurements

Required Measurements

  • Height
  • Wrist