This is a free French pointed cuff pattern for sleeves. There are buttonholes on the pattern to be used with cufflinks.

The Band Circumference value can come from one of three sources. If this is part of a garment, the other patterns may pass the needed value. If not, the pattern will default to using the Wrist measurement plus Wrist Ease. Otherwise, you can manually enter the value as the Band Circumference variable.  In any case, the closed cuff will equal this value.

The buttonhole bind positions will be the Extension Width  plus Buttonhole Adjustment from each end.

The tips of the cuff will be spread out the value of Cuff Tip.

An additional 1/8" / 3mm will be added to the Button Diameter to calculate the buttonhole size.


Time Period:
Adult XY

• Basic measurements • Detailed measurements

Required Measurements

  • Height
  • Wrist