Patternmaker Pro Free Sewing Patterns

Patternmaker Pro is professional pattern making software that creates free sewing patterns for you to sell or sew. All patterns are made-to-measure based on your individual measurements.

Compare Us to Others

Feature Patternmaker Pro Others
Pricing 100% Free $$-$$$
3D Graphics Output PNG ---
Compatibility All Browsers Windows OS
Availability 24x7 Internet Individual PC
Pattern Licensing Free to Sell or Share No Selling, No Sharing
Real World Output PDF Letter/A4/Plotter Letter
Previews 3D True Fit 2D Drawing
Measurements Required Based on Pattern Full Set for Any Pattern
Drafting Methods Authentic 1800's to Today Stock Standard
Pattern Editing Free Fashioner None or $$$$
Pattern Types Adult, Children, Dolls - All Free Separate Costs or Not Available

Patternmaker Pro is a free sewing pattern program available to everyone with an internet connection. There is nothing to purchase. You can use the patterns for home sewing or for business. Sell the patterns or the garments you make from them. Patternmaker Pro is free and fun. Get started and sew something amazing!