Patternmaker Pro Drafts Patterns

Patternmaker Pro uses measurements that you provide to draft custom made-to-measure patterns. The system has been programmed with traditional pattern drafting methods and uses your measurements to make one-of-a-kind patterns. You have lots of customization options on every garment.

Real or Virtual

Patternmaker Pro will output the patterns in either PDF or PNG formats. Use the PNG images to create virtual clothing in 3D programs like Marvelous Designer. Print out the PDF pages using a standard printer. Assemble the pattern and cut it out of fabric to make real-world garments.

Nothing to Download

Patternmaker Pro runs in your internet browser. There is nothing to download or purchase. The program runs on all operating systems, because it is browser based. We recommend that you use a workstation or laptop for the best experience.

Learn to Use Patternmaker Pro

Patternmaker Pro is included in a comprehensive, online manual available 24 x 7. You can learn how every feature and function works.

Free for Everyone - Home, School, Business

Patternmaker Pro is a free program available to everyone with an internet connection. There is nothing to purchase. You can use the patterns for home sewing or for business. Sell the patterns or garments you make from them.

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Your Account is Private

Your account, your email and all the other data you supply is private.

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