Please Read - Big Changes

The Breakup

We are making big changes to Fearless Makers and Patternmaker Pro. Some time ago we decided to combine the Patternmaker Pro and Fashioner software into the Fearless Makers website. Over time, this has proven to be a mistake.

Fearless Makers has always been about the projects that Wayne and I take on, like building our own home. Other than common ownership, it really has nothing to do with Patternmaker Pro.

Patternmaker Pro and the Fashioner are moving to their own site at When you click the menu above, you will be taken there.

Features & Upgrades

When we decided to move Patternmaker Pro, we began working on a new version. This is the fourth major iteration of the program that began in 2015.


The interface has changed making it much more user-friendly. We used to have separate pattern catalogs for the Fashioner and Patternmaker Pro and now they are combined.

Better Catalog

Rather than having basically the same patterns categorized for infants, children and adults, we have combined them into one. The software now uses the height of the measurement set to draft the same pattern for anyone from an adult to a doll. This makes the catalog cleaner and easier to use.

We've also added over 40 new patterns to the catalog.

Measurement Tester

Many people were having issues with drafts failing due to incompatible measurements. It was really difficult to track down where the problems were.

To combat these issues, we have written a measurement set tester that allows you to draft a pattern line-by-line to find potential problems with measurements.

Incompatibility Issues

Due to the changes with the catalog, there are some patterns you may no longer be able to draft from your My Garments list. The Redo button for these patterns will be greyed out. Your Fashioner Sessions should be preserved and will not encounter this.

Reporting Issues

We've done our best to make the new program the best it has ever been, but we understand that sometimes things get missed. If you are having any issues with either Patternmaker Pro or the Fashioner, please post them in the new forum using the Community link at

We are giving all current users quick access to the community. When you log in to Patternmaker Pro, you'll automatically have access to the forum.

We will be keeping a close eye over there for feedback and questions. We hope you enjoy the new program and all the new content. Please let us know what you think in the forum.