How to Make a Collapsible Shopping Bag

Do you ever find yourself without a bag when you need one? I have bags that I use when shopping at the grocery store and I almost always remember to take them with me when I go. However, if I'm not going grocery shopping, I never remember to grab a bag.

I've been using my own grocery bags for many years, even before it became trendy to do so. I just like a very sturdy bag that doesn't rip or tear. Once you get used to doing that, it's really hard to use traditional store bags. It's kind of like when you get used to recycling cans. You just can't throw a can in the garbage anymore. It goes against the grain.

I needed to make a tote bag that folded up and could live in my purse or in the car. That way I'd always have it when I needed it. It also had to be very sturdy, because I may be getting vegetables at the farmer's market or tools and grout at Home Depot.

I use this one all the time and it gets lots of attention. Everyone wants to know where it came from. They are always shocked when they learn that I designed and made it myself.

I can't think of anyone that wouldn't appreciate having at least one of these tote bags. You could make a tote bag for your friends or family as gifts and I'm sure they would be a big hit.

Below you'll find a video that shows you everything you need to know to make your own tote bag.

Here are the patterns:

Folding Bag 1/5th Scale

Folding Bag Front Back

Folding Bag Handle

Folding Bag Side

Folding Bag Instructions