How to Make a Sleeve Board

A sleeve board is a very small ironing board that allows you to iron sleeves 'in the round'. You put the sleeve over the board and you can iron one side without crushing the other. This will prevent iron creases at the edges.

Sleeves should be pressed to retain their round shape. The don't look their best when they are pressed flat with creases on the top and bottom. A sleeve board makes quick work of pressing them properly and they don't take up much space.

I've had a couple different sleeve boards in the past. My last one folded up for storage. Unfortunately, it also folded up whenever it felt like it, including when I was ironing with it. It also made the most awful squeaking noise as the metal lost its finish.

My old board was also much shorter than my husbands sleeves. Lovingly referred to as monkey arms, he has very long sleeves. I decided I wanted a new board, but I wanted a good one that was plenty long.

Since there was no way I was going to find one to purchase with all my requirements, I decided to make one. It was really easy and I've shown you how to make a sleeve board for yourself in the video below.

Download all the patterns:

How to Make a Sleeve Board Video


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