How to Make an Egg Collection Apron

Do you have chickens? Joan, a fellow YouTube viewer does. She was looking for custom pockets designed into an apron for collecting fresh chicken eggs. She asked me if I had any ideas, so me being me, I designed the whole apron for her.

This apron will allow you to collect fresh eggs without breaking a single one. You can make changes as the apron patterns are drawn to make sure it fits you perfectly.

Apron patterns are always in demand and this one is very specialized. The pockets on this apron are the exact same as those used for a hanging shoe holder, shower caddy or many other applications. Construct the pockets using the instructions in the video, change the width and/or height and just attach them to a flat piece of fabric on a hanger, over a door or attached directly to a wall. Use your imagination and have fun with it!


One of my video viewers made the apron and was kind enough to send me a picture. I think it's wonderful. Thanks April!