Fearless Makers Newsletter


I didn't actually send this newsletter out. I decided to just post it here for now.

We have big changes coming and we wanted to share the news. Make sure to read the section below marked WARNING so you don't have any surprises later.

New Everything Coming

We've been hard at work on a new version of the Fearless Makers website and Patternmaker Pro. We hope to have it released in early February or even sooner. PMP has more new patterns and some of the logic in the code has changed to be more accurate and efficient.

WARNING - Upgrade Changes 'My Garments'

Any patterns you have in your account on the My Garments page may draft differently after this upgrade. The My Garments history only keeps track of the measurement set and pattern id's that you use. Then when you select the redo button, it will completely redraft those patterns from scratch. Because of all the new changes, it likely won't look like it used to. If you want to preserve those patterns, make sure to draft them and save the PNG/PDF files locally on your computer.


We are going to be sending you a newsletter with updates about once a month. If there is something super important, we might send you a special email, but that will be the exception.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read these, so we'll include a bonus free thing with every one as our way of saying thank you.

Marvelous Designer 10 Craziness

For those of you using Patternmaker Pro patterns in Marvelous Designer, there is a big problem with version 10. We just found out about it this week. In earlier versions, when you applied a texture file (PNG, JPG) to a fabric, MD would automatically resize it based on the real-world to MD-world ratio. This allowed all PMP patterns to be the perfect size for tracing in the program.

With version 10, they've decided to change that. As if that isn't bad enough, it is also broken. When we sent in an issue ticket, this was their reply:

The texture importing function has upgraded in the Marvelous Designer 10. This version includes the function to edit a texture based on the UV maps. That's why the textures can be loaded larger than the previous version. This change was intended, in fact. However, for the files with low-resolution images, textures are loaded in several times larger than actual file pixels. It seems to have a problem with scale. Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We will find the solution as soon as possible.

Currently images are loading in all different sizes with no consistency. We'll see what we can do programmatically when they figure this out, in the mean time there is a fix on the Patternmaker Pro website output page telling you how to size the images.

We did respond to MD and asked them to put this back to the way it was. Just because they are incorporating UV maps, there is absolutely no reason to change this scaling. Feel free to contact MD and tell them you want it back the way it was. It will help.