We're Back!

Patternmaker Pro is back up. We took the site down on March 2nd because we weren't confident that it was working the way that it should.

We made lots of improvments in the program including the following:

Fewer Measurements Needed

The list of required measurements has drastically reduced. We're using drafting techniques that make a few more assumptions in order to allow fewer measurements. I think the trade off will be worth it.

If you had any existing measurements, we did our best to convert them to the new measurements. Please verify the values and make sure you fill in any that are missing.

New Patterns

There are new patterns in the library. All the old patterns have been redone using the minimal measurement list. We've included new patterns for children and infants, too.

Standard Measurements Library

The measurement set library now includes an entire series of standard measurements for adults, children and infants. If you can't measure someone, you can use one of these standard sets. We strongly encourage you to customize the set or just use it as a reference. Measurements of your own body are always going to work the best.

Also, the sets may have missing measurements. You'll need to fill those in, if they are needed for a pattern.

The Fashioner is Still Down

We are completely re-working the Fashioner functionality, so it is not available yet. We'll get it back as soon as we can.

We think the improvements were well worth the down time. Please use the system and let us know what you think.