How to Make an Apron

Aprons are very handy to have in a lot of situations. When you're sewing, it helps keep the clutter off your work table. In woodworking and home improvement, it keeps everything at hand. You don't walk off and leave the tape measure or pencil and then find you need them. When cooking, they are great at keeping dinner off of you (my nickname is Spot, so trust me on this one).

The basic design of an apron is the same for every situation. The only thing that needs to change is the pockets and their arrangement. Aprons can be easily customized. If you want frilly, add a ruffle around the edge. If you need one for a child, just make it smaller. They also make excellent gifts because you can tailor them to the individual and their needs.

I created a pattern, instructions and video on how to make an apron. There are actually two videos, one that is brief and another that is extremely detailed. If you decide to make your own and run into problems, watch the extended version.

Apron Instructions

Apron Pattern Pocket 1

Apron Pattern Pocket 2

Apron Pattern Neck Strap

Apron Pattern Body

Video Short Version

Video Extended Version