How to Make an Ottoman Cover

I'll teach you how to make an ottoman cover of your own. You can use this technique to cover virtually any square or rectangular object. It's simply a top with sides.

This would work for a table or even a bed. If you're in need of a table, but can't afford an attractive one, spend your money on fabric for a cover. You can make a simple table with 2x4 legs and a plywood top and put a really nice cover over it. No one will ever know.

The ottoman in the video is really old and ugly and used primarily by my cat. Any sized ottoman will work with this method.

There is a nice guide that goes with this video that has spaces for you to fill in your own information. It will help you determine exactly how much fabric you need for your project. Download an Ottoman Cover Guide.

There are two videos. One is short and gives you a basic outline and the other is very long and detailed.

How to Make an Ottoman Cover - Short Version

How to Make an Ottoman Cover - Extended Version